Thoughts on “Machikatsu”

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We want all stores and companies to utilize IT

The town is filled with our thoughts.

Internet technology (IT) is changing the world dramatically.

Looking at the city, everyone has a smartphone

You can connect with anyone using SNS etc.

Now you can easily make electronic payments.

Station advertising is changing from paper to digital advertising.

Most stores and businesses are now connected to the Internet.

There are some places that use IT well to run stores and manage businesses.

There are places where you can’t get out of hand without knowing well.

Even if you have a confident product or service, you need to be informed.

Good use of IT to deliver products and services to people all over Japan and around the world

You can get to know.

Online reservations save time and attract customers 24/7.

You can advertise at low cost using digital advertising.

However, experience and technology are necessary to use IT successfully.

Moreover, it cannot be started if the realization cost is high.

The concept of Machikatsu is

“Achievable with simple operation”

“You can start with thousands of yen per month”

“Started immediately, stopped immediately”


I hope that Machikatsu will be able to help you in your IT use.


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Those who are considering corporate management using IT such as website

Those who run stores and shops such as restaurants, beauty salons, and osteopaths

Persons who manage multiple stores and shops such as shopping streets, shopping malls, and tenant buildings

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